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Bts reaction to teasing you

BTS reaction to - their crush -. He would be so whipped for y/n. He would tell an extra amount of dad jokes around you and do anything to make you laugh. His primary goal would be to get closer to you before he 'made his move'. He would also be very gentlemanly and gentle if you needed it—never too touchy or rough.
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Jimin: Jimin would be understanding , but really like Namjoon. It wouldn't really phase him and it definitely wouldn't make him love you any less. He would find it a little funny when you would get confused about someone telling you to get something and only using a colour to instruct you. Originally posted by jimiyoong.
Request: bts reactions to gf getting dominant/rough (hair pulling,bitting,getting on top etc)with them after a day long of teasing.Thank you admin k: the only thing i’ll be getting on top of is these requests zzz JIN. takes her to the bedroom asap. Originally posted by fawnave. SUGA. enjoys her roughness and lets her lead the way. Originally posted by yoonseok.
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boy hair fluffy💜💜💜💜💜💜👆🏻Looking for MORE BTS Exclusive Content?👆🏻💜💜💜💜💜💜 📺 Follow on TWITCH for.

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BTS reaction to Blackpink (Playing with fire+Boombayah) . . . . . . . #bts #blackpink #reaction #btsreactiontoblackpink #thv #viralvideo #v #taehyung #jungko.

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He would be constantly calling “Y/n come here!” “Y/n look at this!”, never leaving you alone. He’d tease you a lot but he’d also compliment you a lot—with such a sincere and serious face that you’d blush every time. He didn’t even hide the fact that he liked you but he also never said it outright so you weren’t sure of his true intentions.

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A BTS reaction. Jin: I think he would love cuddles a lot, so cuddling with his S.O would be his favourite thing in the world ... He likes teasing you so eventho he loves to cuddle he would say no to wait for your reaction. Finds you cute when mad, he would give up three seconds after saying no to you. Loves having you in his arms; Originally.
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BTS: Caught Cheating on You. Jin. He is Mr. Worldwide Handsome, you knew this, you knew this so well but it didn’t bother you. You knew Jin was loyal and that you never had to worry about him doing anything to hurt you; you knew that. You thought you.

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Bts Reaction to Their Girlfriend Randomly Sitting on Their Lap and Feeding Them Ice Cream. Jin: He would be shocked then confused, but he'd totally like it. Jin enjoys eating and so you feeding him would be like 100 times better in his eyes. He would want you to do it more often, but he wouldn't tell you because he'd be super embarrassed.
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BTS Reaction | Teasing them Anonymous said: Bts reaction to you teasing them ( they're horny AF) Kim Namjoon Namjoon would begin to whine the moment he felt your lips leave him and you climb off of his lap "Do you really have to keep teasing me like that Y/N?" "Baby, please, it's been like two days, you can't do this to me" Kim Seokjin.
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Request: "Bts react to you dressing up in lingerie as their birthday surprise?". Namjoon. While Namjoon really does enjoy the sight a lot he is not one to marvel at it for long. As soon as he sees you dressed up like this he wants to start ripping the lingerie off of you and as you slowly approach him with a teasing smile he is literally undressing you with his hungry eyes.

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YOU ARE READING. BTS | Reactions & Imagines 2 Fanfiction. Book 2 of -- You should go read book 1 before coming here so that you get a jist of things darling!! Hope you enjoy part 2 of my crazy writings!! 🌷 Hello, my lovely children! This is Marili speaking, also known as Koala Eomma, Mama Koalabeaw, or.
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He’d glance up, see one of your feet in the air, and finally take notice of you. He would be hella impressed because, hello, the boy can barely bend over and touch his toes. He’d also be low-key jealous, and he’d tease you about it. “Come on y/n, don’t show off, it’s unattractive.”. And even though he wouldn’t outright stare, he.

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A miscarriage requires prompt medical care. If you think you are having a miscarriage, call your doctor or midwife for advice and support. Go to the Emergency Department if: you a.

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You opened your eyes, squinting them as the sun shined through the windows that Saturday morning. Behind the reaction: you and bts's relationship was revealed and the fans absolutely hate you guys, and you fall into depression. Holding a pen up to write the next order for the person behind you. Sep 04, 2016 · BTS Reaction to You Moaning.
BTS reaction to their S/O having a lot of tattoos. BTS reaction when their GF is upset that P.R didn't win the WBC. BTS reaction when their S/O broke her arm BTS reaction to when their crush has a weird laugh. Bts reaction when their S/O have a really bad migraine. Bts reaction to when their S/O falls asleep on another member.
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BTS reaction to BLACKPINK JENNIE AND LISA TEASING JISOOPlease help me reach 100,000 SubscribeLike,Subscribe and Share my Channel.-----.

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Bts Reaction To You Cursing In English Wolfpack gear reaction medic pack part 3 load out He’s going to make you tea and set you up on the couch with a blanket, tissues, and your favorite movie playing Now only 18, and the baddest girl around she faces a great change,which involves 7 bad boys //// #1 in bts × reader (7 July 2018) This is one.

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Monsta X Reaction to You Saying-. You can’t wait for them to get home so I can love on you some more. Genre: Slight smut. Warning: It’s pretty suggestive. A/N: To the person who sent this message, we didn’t know if you wanted it to be fluffy or smutty. Either way I hope you like it. SHOWNU: When he saw the message he let out a small smirk.

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2016. 6. 8. · He would rather give you a cute peck on the cheek or more likely on your forehead. When you are in private though he’ll be all over you. He’ll cuddle you, and kiss you and he’ll want you to make him feel wanted and loved. He’ll be extra clingy when he is horny too to be honest lol. Taehyung, Hoseok, Jimin: I put them in mtl order but. BTS Reaction to s/o teasing them with the members Situation: He was busy reading something on his phone while you and the Members were bored and thought about what you could do to entertain yourself. One Member started teasing him and you followed. Jungkook:.

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You walk out the room and you see seven pairs of eyes on you. “Um, hello, hi,” you say stumbling over your words nervous at the sudden attention. “Hello, I’m Yoongi and we’re BTS,” he says stepping up and introducing them. “Nice to meet you guys, you’re everywhere,” you say smiling which causes him to smile back.
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Apr 08, 2021 · First and foremost, if you stop wearing a bra, your clothes will start fitting your form a bit differently. o giving them a cute nickname ~ Bts reaction to you end up being sick at the same time ~ Bts reaction to you wanting to have sex while the other members are around ~ Bts reaction to you being embarrassed by your teacher.
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He almost cried when he saw you underneath his oversized jacket- the fabric covering you almost completely. He kneeled down in front of your sleeping face, cooing at your exhausted features as he gently traced his finger along your cheekbone. “Aish.. I don’t think I can let you fly home again..” Thank you for reading!.

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BTS reaction to their S/O having a lot of tattoos. BTS reaction when their GF is upset that P.R didn't win the WBC. BTS reaction when their S/O broke her arm BTS reaction to when their crush has a weird laugh. Bts reaction when their S/O have a really bad migraine. Bts reaction to when their S/O falls asleep on another member.
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Reactions: Jin: You were heading out of the concert with the guys, since Seok-jin didn't want you to go out alone in the night, he convinced you to leave with him and the guys in the van. You sat in the middle of Jin and Suga. You guys talked for while. Since it was 11pm , your eyelids felt heavy and you eventually fell asleep on Suga's lap.

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Suga: When you said that you were pregnant, he would be a bit unresponsive. But as soon as you said that was a lie and it was just a prank he was going to be very relieved, not because he didn’t want to have a baby with you, but because it was something he didn’t have in mind. He wouldn’t be mad at you but he would said to you not doing.
He knew the other members were spying in but he just ignored them. When you left they all started teasing him for how cute and soft he was being more than usual. 6. -Jimin (Park Ji Min)- +. Jimin was sat in the sofa scrolling through his camera roll of you both from past dates. "Aww Jiminie missing his 'baby'" Hoseok teases for what Jimin.

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YOU ARE READING. BTS | Reactions & Imagines 2 Fanfiction. Book 2 of -- You should go read book 1 before coming here so that you get a jist of things darling!! Hope you enjoy part 2 of my crazy writings!! 🌷 Hello, my lovely children! This is Marili speaking, also known as Koala Eomma, Mama Koalabeaw, or.

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Without responding, he pulled your head toward his and smashed his lips into yours. You gasped against his lips and widened your eyes as he began moving his lips against yours. You twitched and tried to get away, but his grip was too tight on you. Jin immediately stood up and ran to you from the other side of the room.
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Also a tease. He would try to seduce you with his abs which worked and you ended up doing more than bathing. Originally posted by hyunymph-deactivated20200604. Sehun. The sassy maknae would be caught out of guard. You started teasing him about his red face so he would bathe with you to prove you a point. Originally posted by punkzs. Wu Yifan.

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